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Penn 550ssg Spinning Reel-Ds

Penn 550ssg Spinning Reel-Ds
Penn 550ssg Spinning Reel-Ds
Item# EM454-DS

Product Description

Spinfisher® SSg Graphite Spinning Reels

The Penn Spinfisher® SSg Graphite is a rebirth of the popular graphite bodied Spinfisher® SS Reels. New Features include a Techno-Balanced rotor and stainless steel main shaft, five stainless steel ball bearings plus one Infinite Anti-Reverse roller bearing, Leveline Spool Wrap System, a lightweight, ergonomically contoured frame, corrosion-resistant, gold- anodized, machined handle and a Trip Friction Ramp that prevents premature bail trip when casting.

Bearings: Penn's Infinite Anti-Reverse was designed to utilize a super-smooth, heavy-duty roller bearing, thus eliminating the kickback found in older reels with a dog-system anti-reverse. Penn's Infinite Anti-Reverse provides anglers with instant hook-sets, smoother performance, and increased reliability.

Leveline: Penn's Leveline Oscillation System was designed to provide anglers with the most consistent and reliable line lay, even with the advent of the newer super-braid lines. Penn's Leveline extends the spool oscillation at the top and bottom of the main shaft's travel path to compensate for the rotor speed. Rotor balancing: Computer-model balanced and tuned, Penn's Techno-Balanced Rotor eliminates rotor wobble in spinning reels. Coupled with Penn?s proprietary oscillation pattern, the Techno-Balanced Rotor improves spinning reel performance and line-lay, a must for fishing popular super-braid lines. Drag: HT100 has been Penn's drag material of choice. Designed originally as the brake material for supersonic aircraft, Penn's HT100 provides smooth, consistent and dependable drag performance.