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Elec-tra-mate Reels & Penn Reels

Elec-tra-mate Reels & Penn Reels
The Elec-Tra-Mate units are powerful enough to bring in a catch unassisted by merely pushing a button. The Elec-Tra-Mates quality and long life durability provide the enjoyment of fishing without the hard work and tiring effort of cranking. You can still set the drag, play the fish, and experience the feel of the fight.

Please be aware that the reel itself is not included with the motor and battery combo packs and have to be purchased separately. We do not sell the reels.

Elec-Tra-Mate 452PTH w/Battery Pack and Charger
Elec-Tra-Mate 452PTH w/Toggle, w/Battery Pack and Charger
Portable Battery Pack & Charger
Penn 550ssg Spinning Reel-Ds
The Penn Spinfisher® SSg Graphite is a rebirth of the popular graphite bodied Spinfisher® SS Reels. To be used with the Ele-Tra-Mate.