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Heater Body Suit

Heater Body Suit
Are you tired of being cold while out hunting? Cold of any kind takes the fun out of hunting. The damp chill that sets in after a couple of hours in the mid 30s has the same result as a below 0 day. You go home too early and are so uncomfortable during your hunt that you are not at the top of your game or a good hunter. The Heater Body Suit does not use batteries, wires or heat packs. It simply traps all of your body heat inside creating an envelope of warm air around you.

We now have Jim Shockey endorsing the Heater Body Suit. Twenty one suits where shipped to his Saskatchewan, Canada, camps in 2007 for him to use, abuse, and test. Now the Heater Body Suit is a Jim Shockey Signature Series. You can pay all the big names for endorsing, but how many make their living hunting cold, harsh Saskatchewan, Canada? Only one Jim Shockey. If Jim Shockey and all of the regular hunters out there do not convince you, our warranty should. You have nothing to risk. Remember: Buy it, wear it, and if you get cold or don't like the Heater Body Suit for any reason, send it back and we will refund your money.

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Body Suit
Help eliminate being cold while hunting.
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