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Finnegan's Fly Tool

Finnegan's Fly Tool
Item# I-FT01

Product Description

Finnegan's Fly Tool
Finnegan's Fly Tool is an innovative new multi-tool designed for fly fishing. Anglers can quickly thread hooks, identify tippet tapers, tie knots and more, then get back into the action of fishing. Finnegan's Fly Tool is designed to provide the ultimate in convenience and time saving. It's easy to grip in slippery conditions. Rich contrasting colors make it easy to see flies and monoline. There are no moving parts to loosen or wear out. Well engineered and attractively designed, Finnegan's Fly Tool is made to serve the competitive demands of the fly fishing industry.

Needle: Steel # 304

BladeSteel # 6CR13

Bottle OpenerSteel # 3CR13

Magnet: NdFe-B Magnet with Ni plating

Magnifying Lens: Clear and Colorless Acrylic

Fish Body: Nylon 66 + 20% Glass Fiber

File (Diamond Grit-Fine): Steel # 3CR13 + Ni Plating + Fine Diamond Sand

Note: This product is not focused on individuals that need adaptive equipment to assist with upper body disabilities. It typically takes a high level of coordination with two hands to set up the device.