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Pocket Dresser

Pocket Dresser
Pocket Dresser
Item# I-PD01

Product Description

Pocket Dresser
Although different in appearance than a traditional stick-and-wire-loop buttoner, PocketDresser goes much further to assist you in hunting or fishing dressing chores and solves the shortcomings of a wire loop that bends easily and breaks frequently. All four tools are manufactured from fully hardened 301stainless steel. They are tough. All will flex slightly and maintain their original shape.

These tools are extremely versatile. The large buttonhook is easily capable of buttoning new, thick, denim jeans. The closed-loop buttoner and small buttonhook are ideal for medium sized shirt buttons down to delicate, collar shirt buttons. The zipper pick, the most specialized tool of the group, functions not only as a zipper pull but also as a pick to pry out buried zipper tabs and undo knotted shoelaces.

Large 15mm. open triangles above each tool are consecutively indexed to allow identification by touch or feel. All Tools can be positioned at any angle in relation to the handle to help with limited arm and wrist movement. Simply grab a triangle and open to any angle you need. There are no locks or buttons. A spring-tensioned design secures the tools to the handle and allows for wear over time.

To further assist handgrip and dexterity, an adjustable 10mm. strap has been engineered into the tool's spine. The comfortable strap gives a user security and leverage in the most difficult dressing operations, while the large 15mm. triangles reduce or eliminate fatigue. A convenient pocket clip is also provided to secure PocketDresser in your pocket or purse.

Beautifully styled and manufactured with top quality materials, the PocketDresser is truly unique and specialized among the world of multi-tools and its contemporaries.

Technical Specifications

Weight: 115g / 4.1oz

Tool Material: 301 Stainless Steel (Fully Hardened)

Closed Length: 124mm / 4 7/8 in

Handle Material: Aircraft Aluminum (Hard Anodized)

Open Length: 219mm 8 5/8 in

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