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Ice Master

Ice Master
Item# IM01

Product Description

Ice Master
The Ice Master is an affordable two-piece conversion kit that turns your power drill and hand auger into a power auger! It consists of the exclusive retainer disk and adapting pin.


The Exclusive Retainer

Protects the auger from going to the bottom should it disengage from the drill chuck Takes the weight of the auger off of the chuck and puts it on the handle protecting the chuck from damage

For Use With The Following Type Hand Augers

Strikemaster Laser

Strikemaster Mora



Auger Blades Last Longer

The Same Kit Works On Adjustable Pin and Threaded Type Augers

Sizes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Fits 3/8 and Larger Drills

Up to 35 Holes on One Charge

Tested and approved by The North American Fishing Club