One stop shopping for Adaptive hunting, fishing, and camping equipment to help anyone with a handicap.
452-PTH Extended Toggle Switch
ADALAP 12 Inch Tube
ADALAP 18 Inch Tube
ADALAP Freshwater Rod Holder
ADALAP Salt Water Rod Holder
Adaptive Fishing Equipment
Adaptive Fishing - ADALAP
Adaptive Fishing - ADALAP Base Unit
Adaptive Fishing - Strong Arm
Adaptive Fishing - Turboset
Adaptive Fishing - Turboset Champ
Adaptive Fishing - TY-ALL
Adaptive Hunting - Shooting Sticks
Adaptive Hunting Equipment
Affiliate Sites
Bipod Shooting Stick
Bite Trigger
Bite Trigger Back Plates Only
Blaze Orange Overlay
Body Suit
Clothing & Logo Items
Disabled Hunting - Gun and Archery
Driftmaster Lean Green 100 w/Star Base
Driftmaster Lean Green 101 w/flat Base
Driftmaster Lean-Green (Rodholder Only)
Drive on Stand
Elec-Tra-Mate 452PTH w/Battery Pack and Charger
Elec-Tra-Mate 452PTH w/Toggle, w/Battery Pack and Charger
Elec-tra-mate Reels & Penn Reels
Finger Control Hand Device
Finnegan's Fly Tool
Fishing Pole Holder
Heater Body Suit
High Quad Unit
HQPM Pistol Mount
Ice Master
In-Line Draw-Loc
Limited Mobility
Limited Mobility Compound Bow Mount
Limited Mobility Fishing Mount
LMPM Pistol Mount
Maddox Knife
Other Adaptive Equipment
OzTent RV-1
OzTent RV-2
OzTent RV-3
OzTent RV-4
OzTent RV-5
Penn 550ssg Spinning Reel-Ds
Pocket Dresser
Portable Battery Pack & Charger
Power Fish'n
Power Trigger Mechanism
Receive-all (Left Handed)
Receive-All (Right Handed)
Receive-All Adapters
Reel Cranker Hand Device
Reel Cranker with additional wrist support
Scope Camera System
Strong Arm - Left Handed
Strong Arm - Right Handed
Tents - The OzTent
Turboset Multi-use Lever
Turboset Tournament