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Other Adaptive Equipment

Other Adaptive Equipment
Other Adaptive Solutions

Regardless of any handicap you should be able to continue hunting, fishing, or camping. As we continue our search for adaptive products we have come across other products that may assist you. We believe that these items listed on this page will help you to continue to enjoy the great outdoors,

Our goal is to be the single source for all your adaptive outdoor equipment needs.

We hope that the one of products listed will help you continue to enjoy hunting, fishing, camping or any other outdoors pursuit.

Ice Master
The Ice Master is an affordable two-piece conversion kit that turns your power drill and hand auger into a power auger!
Pocket Dresser
Although different in appearance than a traditional stick-and-wire-loop buttoner, PocketDresser goes much further to assist you in dressing chores and solves the shortcomings of a wire loop that bends easily and breaks frequently.
Maddox Knife
The Maddox knife is specifically designed for the one-handed or those with limited hand strength.