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Tents - The OzTent
The Australian quick tent " OZTENT", is a multi-award winning ripstop poly cotton blend canvas tent. These canvas camping tents are the perfect RV accessory for hassle free camping! Released in 1993, this canvas tent blend is considered by many as the best RV accessory on the market today. The quick tent RV accessory design can easily be set up by one person in less than 30 seconds!

What seperates the OzTent from the traditional canvas tent is the blend of waterproof ripstop poly cotton canvas, which is lighter than a traditional canvas tent, making it easier to carry and set up. This quick tent has proven itself to be just as long lasting and durable as other canvas camping tents, for hunting, fishing and RV camping. The OzTent resembles the legendary bakers style canvas tent in appearance used for camping expeditions, such as canoe camping. However, it's quick tent design provides much easier tear down and set up from one location to another, but it is also great as a base camp canvas tent for extended stay use . The OzTent ripstop blend canvas camping tents also feature a mold and mildew resistant material, providing quicker drying for packing up and easy spot cleaning when necessary. The OzTent ripstop blend canvas tent includes heat taped seams and a PVC bathtub floor for GUARANTEED waterproof protection. It also has a patented internal aluminium frame which is the heart of its revolutionary quick tent design. The frame allows for effortless quick tent set up and packing away, requiring no assembly or disassembly. IT'S THAT SIMPLE!

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